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This unique and informative instructional DVD is easy to understand and learn from.    

It's broken down into Chapters, so for future reference when you need to refresh your memory in a certain area, you can choose the right Chapter and skip right to it!  

Everyone can learn Pet Reflexology...and every animal can benefit from it!  

If you have comments or questions, please email Kiannaa at essentialoils@petreflexology.net


 Nalia did hurt her hip playing with another dog while I was in Texas a few weeks ago so I did some raindrop on her, massaged her and thanks to your tape, did some reflexology on her. She was so much better the next day and after a couple of days you couldn't even tell she got hurt. Thanks so much!
- Sharon

I really enjoyed the video, it was very informative. I ran and practiced on my Chihuahua and I looked for the signs you talked about, and yep he did lick his lips in one spot as I was going down his spine so I'll be working on him. I am looking forward to the charts.


The chart below is included with the DVD. It was designed by me as a visual study tool to make learning defined areas much easier. 

Please Note :
Actual chart is clear and has labels. This chart has been blurred for copyright reasons and cannot be reproduced in whole or in part without written authorization.



pet reflexology instructional dvd


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